Will the Timing Ever Be Right to Start?

Oct 04, 2023

Is there something you haven’t started yet because you feel the timing isn’t right?

Maybe a new health program, business, savings/investing program, morning routine, writing a book, etc...? 

Is it possible that the timing may never feel right to begin? 

I hear it all the time: 

"I'll start when football season wraps up." 

"Once the kids are on summer break." 

"After summer ends and the kids are back in school" 

"When the holiday frenzy is behind us." 

“After the new year.”

The excuses are endless and they can continue all year long with each changing season.

Sound familiar? This constant delaying is what keeps many in a rut. Don’t let that be you.

Here's some real talk: 

The “perfect” most convenient time likely doesn’t exist.

Life's carousel won't stop turning.

Imperfect, inconvenient timing is a reality, and it’s here to stay.

So, jump in and start whatever you’ve been putting off, TODAY. 

Consider this:

When you say, "I'll begin once I'm not swamped," you're programming your mind. You're subconsciously telling yourself that when life gets bustling again, you're bound to hit pause.

For example, when you say to yourself you'll wait until your travel slows down before starting an exercise routine to get healthy and fit, what will you do when your travel revs up again…abandon ship?

"I'm diving into a healthy diet post-summer."

Then what, take a break every summer thereafter?

Spot the problem here?

To truly succeed, we can’t let life's ebb and flow dictate our commitment.

Remember, you hold the reins. Pledge to yourself today, right now, to get started with the next step towards your better tomorrow. Don’t delay.

Opt for victory, whatever the season…winter or summer, spring or fall, school or no school, holidays or not.

The best time to get started on that thing you know you should do, and want to do, is today. 

We are not promised tomorrow. If something’s worth doing in the future, it’s likely worth starting today.

You’ve got this.

I’m with you and for you. Let’s go!
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