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Stop Settling and Seize the Life You Were Created For

Despite Popular Opinion, Life’s NOT a Beach.

Scroll any social media feed and you could easily believe the highlight reel. Perfect bodies. Perfect families. Perfect careers. Perfect lies.

The truth is, everyone has pain and the next wave of adversity is coming. Author Allan Blain knows this firsthand. On the outside many people believed he was doing just fine. Great job. Beautiful wife and kids. And a growing bank account. The riptide of personal addictions, family tragedies, and unthinkable loss pulled him under, threatening his safety and sanity.

These “waves” forced him to reevaluate everything: his calling, purpose, and the very definition of success. Allan emerged with a simple path to build a “boat” to withstand the waves and succeed despite life’s challenges.

In this book, you’ll discover how to:

  • Stop settling, just treading water in work and life
  • Craft the compelling vision needed to rise above the waves of adversity
  • Enjoy the life of your dreams as you ride the waves and find passion in life
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What Others Are Saying:


My life motto is this: "If you want to be successful, read books written by people who are actually successful." That’s Allan Blain. Finance and business success, sure, but Allan is a guy who has also found success in his personal life, spiritual life, and family life. So often I see finance books written by people who are broke and weight loss books written by people who are overweight! As a guy who knows Allan personally…he’s the poster child of success.

- John Crist, Comedian, Author of the best selling book “Delete That"

This book is exhortation in the highest degree. It encourages the risk taking, God glorifying, faith walking life that Jesus calls us to. You’ll leave with a recalibration of trials, success, and the adventure we were never called to stop living.

- Cody Hollister, NFL Wide Receiver, SuperBowl Champion

The truth may hurt, but the truth also sets you free. If you want a breakthrough, personally or professionally, this is the book you need. Allan Blain guides you through the storm and into newfound freedom. 

- Dr. Kary Oberbrunner, CEO and WSJ and USA Today bestselling author of 13 books

Allan Blain’s Life’s Hard Succeed Anyway is an inspiration for anyone facing life’s challenges. He opens up about personal stories that he’s overcome, and shows you that success is about embracing adversity and perseverance. This book is a roadmap to triumph, a reminder that with resilience and determination, we can conquer any obstacle. A must-read for those seeking to thrive despite life’s hardships.
- Zach Terrell, 2016 Western Michigan Quarterback and Academic Heisman Trophy Recipient.

Allan and Nicole's enthusiasm for life is evident. This book is an extension of their mission to make the world a better place. The pages are filled with their life--lessons learned, heartbreaks, and triumphs. Allan bravely shares so people who want to reach their highest potential while navigating the ups and downs of life find success that only comes when you embrace it and take action.
- Joyce Martin Sanders, The Martins, 8 Dove Awards and 3 Grammy Nominations

I’ve had the privilege of being a small business owner for 44 years. Being the Patriarch of a large family, coupled with business trials, I know first hand that life can throw you curves. Allan Blain gives you a roadmap on how to navigate inescapable challenges in Life’s Hard  Succeed Anyway. Allan is transparent and raw for your benefit. Save yourself a great amount of heartache by applying Allan’s first hand experiences to life’s hard challenges and succeed anyway.
- Aaron Walker, Founder View From The Top

"Life’s Hard Succeed Anyway" is an unfiltered dive into the reality of life's challenges. But rather than letting those challenges weigh you down, this book inspires a transformation of perspective. With its direct approach, it awakens the soul, urging readers to confront adversities head-on and morph them into stepping stones towards success. An essential read for anyone seeking a surge of motivation to persevere, regardless of the odds.

- Mike Kim, entrepreneur and Wall St. Journal and USA Today bestselling author of You Are the Brand

Life’s Hard Succeed Anyway is a vulnerable, heartbreaking, yet inspiring story, written by an extraordinary human, filled with gems of practical wisdom to help you realize your true potential.
-Kendra Brassfield, Chief Executive Officer, Neolife International

Allan Blain's book, Life's Hard Succeed Anyway, leaves no room for excuses. Whether it's a career, dealing with your own personal struggles, or improving relationships, this book can help you achieve those goals.  Whatever we want to achieve in life takes perseverance, persistence, and a strong desire to never give up. Allan's book gives the reader the tools needed to succeed, and the motivation to do it. No matter where you are today, this book will challenge you to get to where you want to be tomorrow.
- Victoria Robinson, Author and CEO & Founder of

Allan Blain has been an entrepreneur that I’ve known for almost a decade and he’s more than qualified to write this book. I’ve witnessed him go through personal challenges and obstacles in his journey to success; including him having to cancel an event due to his troubled past.  Anyone who reads this book will benefit greatly from Allan’s life experiences and lessons. 
- Simon Chan, CEO and Founder of MLM Nation

A must-read playbook for aspiring leaders who are tired of watching their life from the sidelines and who want to step into the game to achieve what they were meant to become. Don’t settle for an average life filled with regrets, stalled out from highlight reels of hurts from your past. You don’t have to drift at sea, or even tread water. Allan provides a roadmap for the person who wants to embrace their true identity and step into an abundant, purpose-driven life.
- Derek Champagne,  Best Selling Author of Don’t Buy A Duck

Life’s Hard Succeed Anyway is such an easy and enjoyable read, I couldn’t put it down and finished it in one sitting. Allan’s story of adversity and success are proof that circumstances don’t make or break you, they reveal you. I love the insight, encouragement, transparency, and hope this book delivers. 
-Dwight Johnson, Founder & CEO Bend Soap Company 

Life hits us all hard and doesn't stop. The torrents and the waves keep coming. Though I know Allan and Nicole, until I read this book I had no idea all of the trauma and obstacles they have faced along the way. From sibling suicides, to job loss, financial ruin, health issues, and on and on - many stacked atop one on another at the same time–so much so that most would have justified chronic bitterness, anger, despair, hopelessness, and rage. They instead focused on gratitude, forgiveness, and faith in a God who loves us and wants the very best for us. This is a story of amazing renewal and restoration with an undying  and confident hope in the midst of heartbreaking devastation. What an inspiration! What amazing hope and faith! I encourage you to read this book and rejoice in the renewal of your faith in the God who truly cares for you.
- Omar Hamada, MD, MBA and Former LTC US Army Special Forces.

This book is a must read if you’re ready to turn your setbacks into a setup for greater success. Everyone will relate with aspects of Allan’s story regardless of the hardships they’re facing! He’s not just relatable though, he shares the lessons he’s learned along with a proven path forward so that we too can succeed in spite of life’s painful hardships.
⁃ Josh Clark, Entrepreneur, Former GA State Representative, and US Senate Candidate 

Allan Blain filled Life’s Hard Succeed Anyway with exciting encouragement to help motivate us to have more independence and structure. Allan finds a way to capture his audience with life lessons and practical steps for leveling up regardless of your goals. We highly recommend Allan’s relatable message especially if you’re feeling a little complacent and need a motivational bump. 
- Brandon & Jordyn Clark, CoFounders of Studio 1:9

Life hitting you like a ton of bricks? Big challenges feel overwhelming? Ready for your breakthrough? Life’s Hard Succeed Anyway will provide truth, hope, and a plan of action for overcoming your hard.
 - Chad Johnson, Entrepreneur, Author & Coach to High Achievers


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