The True Secret to Success: Consistency Over Perfection

Jun 18, 2024

Have you ever wondered what you might be missing to achieve the success you desire in a particular area?

Or, like me, have you questioned what the key ingredient to better results really is?

Before diving into this Wisdom Wednesday, let me share a lesson from my past. In my younger years, I believed there was a "perfect" place to live and raise a family - a utopia, if you will. After many moves (22 in 31 years of marriage) and living in four states, I learned a valuable lesson…

While some places are better than others, there is no magical or perfect place on this side of heaven. The grass isn’t greener on the other side; it’s greener where you choose to water it.

Success in health, marriage, or business isn’t about finding the perfect workout, meal plan, spouse, or business. While some are better than others, the key is consistency in nurturing these areas daily.

I used to think successful people had insider knowledge or did extraordinary things. What I've learned is that success usually comes from doing ordinary things extraordinarily well and consistently.

Successful people don’t do extraordinary things occasionally; they do ordinary things consistently. Just as you can’t get fit by working out sporadically or improve your marriage by spending limited time with your spouse, you can’t achieve business success without daily, consistent actions toward your goals.

This week, let’s focus on being consistent in those small steps that move us closer to our goals. Even slight improvements each day constitute success.

Until next time, make it a great one!

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With Much Appreciation, Allan