Unlock Your Potential: Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs

Jun 26, 2024

Even though most people live to about 79 years, most let their dreams die by age 25-30.

As youngsters, we dream big! We all start life with hopes, dreams, and ambitions, envisioning what “success” looks like to us.

However, along the way, life’s challenges often beat us down. We see others around us “settling in,” giving up on their dreams, and living a more “realistic” life, and many of us can easily end up abandoning our own dreams as well.

If we are not careful, we can resign ourselves to an ordinary, uninspiring existence, accepting that something greater is beyond our reach.

So how can we overcome these limiting beliefs?

A brief look at training fleas and elephants may be helpful.

Did you know that fleas have an incredible vertical jump, up to 36 inches!? But if you place a flea in a jar with the lid on, it will jump and hit the lid repeatedly.

Eventually, it learns to jump just below the lid’s height. After a few days, you can remove the lid, and the flea won’t escape. It’s conditioned to believe it will fail, even though it could now easily jump out.

Similarly, if you tie a baby elephant to a stake with a heavy rope, it will struggle to break free when it’s small. Eventually, it gives up and stops trying. Even when it is full grown and strong enough to easily break free, it remains convinced it can’t and never tries again.

These stories make me wonder: How many of us believe “This is all I can do”? Do we think we’re limited physically, in our business endeavors, or in achieving financial freedom? If we don’t try, we guarantee failure.

I believe each one of us is capable of so much more than we think.

As the late, great, Zig Ziglar, said, “You were born for achievement, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

You were created for a purpose, and your life has meaning (Jeremiah 29:11).

Don’t let past failures define your future. You have unique talents and abilities. Don’t squander those talents. Be a good steward of the life God has blessed you with.

Set a goal in alignment with God’s will for your life and pursue it relentlessly. Make a choice. Choose to believe you are adequately equipped and that the skills and mindsets you lack you will learn and refine along the way through trial and error. Believing this and taking action on it is 90% of winning the battle. You’ve got this!

Until next time, Make it a great one!

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