Top 10 Energy-Boosting Strategies for Enhanced Performance and Impact!

Dec 12, 2023

The older I get the more apparent it becomes that success in life is an energy game. Success in our health, finances, relationships, and personal goals, all require energy.

To maximize our effectiveness, we must implement and execute a winning plan to keep our energy high. It doesn’t just happen with time; it takes intentionality.

Are you ready to be intentional? Good, let’s go!

By incorporating the following 10 strategies into your daily routine your energy will rise, along with your performance and subsequent impact! Here’s how. 

  1. Prioritize Sleep:
    Quality sleep is non-negotiable for high performance. Aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep. Consider a bedtime routine – perhaps reading, journaling or a warm bath – to signal your body it's time to wind down. Remember the 3-2-1 Bedtime Rule… 3 hours before bed: No more food or alcohol. 2 hours before bed: No more work. 1 hour before bed: No more liquid or screen time (shut off all phones, TVs and computers).
  2. Exercise for Excellence:
    Regular exercise isn't just about fitness; it's about charging your energy batteries. Aim for at least 30 minutes a day. Mix cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises for a well-rounded routine. If you’d like to see my weekly exercise routine, feel free to ask!
  3. High Energy Nutrition: Supercharge Your Diet!
    Fuel your body with energy-boosting foods. Start your day with a protein-rich breakfast. Avoid fake/processed food and choose real food like nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc., throughout the day. Remember, what you consume is what you become! Also, stay hydrated. I try to drink my body weight (195) in ounces of water daily.  Supplement with food-based nutritional supplements (not synthetic or other non-human food “natural” sources) to fill the deficiency of nutrients in our commercially grown food supply. I am happy to share what I have taken for 23 years if interested. 
  4. Quiet Time:
    We live in a noisy world. Lots of electronics, stimulation and stressors all around us. Spending time each day to calm our minds, think, reflect, pray, and breathing deeply can significantly increase your energy levels. Even just 10 minutes daily can help you stay focused and energized throughout the day. 
  5. Continuous Learning:
    Keep your brain active and energized by learning something new every week. Whether it’s a podcast, a book, or an online course, keep feeding your mind with fresh ideas. 
  6. Social Connections:
    Interacting with others can boost your mood and energy. Schedule regular catch-ups with friends or family, or consider joining a new group or club to meet new friends. 
  7. Expressing Gratitude:
    Start and end your day by listing three things you’re grateful for. This practice cultivates a positive mindset and attracts more positivity. In addition, develop the habit of looking for things you are grateful for throughout the day. See things in others you appreciate, and tell them. It’s an energizing way to live!
  8. Power of Positivity:
    Positivity is a choice. Choose to adopt a positive outlook. Positivity provides energy to you and others. It’s also important to limit negativity, as much as possible, as it can drain you. This includes both external negativity (people you spend time with, those you follow online, music, shows, the news, etc.) as well as internal negativity (your own thoughts and words). Choose to turn that off! The Bible provides great advice for us to “take every thought captive in obedience to Christ” (2 Cor 10:5), to “think on things that are pure, lovely and admirable” (Phil 4:8)), and to “renew our minds” (Romans 12:2). 
  9. Have a Vision:
    Set clear, achievable goals. A strong vision for your future propels you forward and keeps you motivated and energized. If you need help developing a clear and compelling vision that will energize you, seek someone’s assistance that can help you.
  10. Serve Others:
    Find opportunities to help others. Serving another person or a larger community of people not only brings joy but also provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Remember, it’s the small daily improvements that lead to extraordinary results. A high-energy life is a journey, not a destination. Implement these 10 tips, and watch your energy, impact, and performance soar!