The Significant Impact Associations Have in our Life

Apr 03, 2024

I was reminded this week about the importance of our associations and the significant impact they have on our lives, whether or not we think about it, are aware of it, or even acknowledge it.

If we spend enough time with an ultra positive person, before you know it you’ll be seeing the bright side of things too. On the other hand, spend much time with a person that is negative, complains, and always sees the glass half empty, and they will rub off on you faster than a prairie fire with a tailwind. 

Have you thought about how healthy the spiritual health, physical health, financial health, marriages, parenting, life goals, habits and communication skills are of those you spend the most time with?

This can also include those you follow on social media, the books you read, shows you watch, and podcasts you listen to. 

Are they positively or negatively impacting your life in the areas you most value?

It’s been said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, a principle that has proven itself true time and time again.

If you haven’t thought about this in awhile, or ever, now would be a great time to do a health check up of the greatest influences in your life? 

Who are they and how are they impacting your life…moving you closer or further from the person you desire to be?

It’s easy to think that we are stronger than we really are, or more resistant to outside influences than is our reality, but nobody is.

In fact, the bible is very clear about this. Proverbs 13:20 says, “The one who walks with the wise will become wise, but a companion of fools will suffer harm.”

In my earlier years I did not pay attention to my associations, and in hindsight now, I can see that some of them played a role in stunting my growth and causing me to make poor choices that were damaging to me and others.

Although this topic of who we associate with is often discussed in the context of income and wealth, where it is certainly applicable, we must not fail to realize that the people we choose to spend the most time with will impact all areas  of our life…

  • Mental and physical health 
  • Habits and behaviors
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Personal growth
  • Communication
  • Life goals and aspirations
  • Stress and coping mechanisms
  • Parenting and family dynamics
  • And so much more. 

Today would be a great day to take inventory of who is influencing you most. Do they have what you want?

If they have areas of their lives that you aspire to inspire to grow in, this is good.

However, if they are not leading lives that inspire you to maximize your God-given potential in the areas that you value most then now may be a good time to reprioritize your time, spend much less time with them, and more time with those that do.

Our associations matter greatly. Choose your friends, books, music, podcasts, and social media accounts wisely.

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With Much Appreciation, Allan