The Language of Success: Eliminating Weak Words

Oct 17, 2023

Do you understand the power of both your spoken and unspoken words? The words we speak both externally and internally can significantly influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions either positively or negatively, and are therefore a key to our success.

Unfortunately, many of us have become accustomed to using what I’d call weak words, and they hinder our potential and dim our belief. It's time to reassess our vocabulary and eliminate these barriers. 

Consider the phrases we may have said such as, "I can't go to the gym." In reality (for most of us), it's not that we can't, but rather, we choose not to. The same applies to statements like, "I can't make a video." More often than not, such self-imposed limitations stem from fear or apprehension. Instead of conceding to these fears, challenge them. Ask yourself, "Why can't I…go to the gym, make that video, talk to so and so, or do that thing that scares us?" By doing so, you'll likely realize that the obstacles you face are self-created and self imposed, which is the first step to overcoming them.

Continually leaning on such weak words as "can't," "try," "stressed," and "overwhelmed" can be damaging. Not only do they limit our mindset, but they also have tangible effects on our bodies. When we dwell on problems using this negative vocabulary, our bodies can physically shut down, becoming more susceptible to stress and fatigue.

Consider the hand circle exercise. When someone tells you not to think of a circle made by touching the tip of one’s thumb to the tip of their index finger touching, it becomes almost impossible not to picture it in your mind. In the same way, when you use negative or limiting words, your brain focuses on those limitations, making it challenging to see beyond them. Who needs that!?

By letting these words dominate our thoughts, we can sabotage our future successes. We curtail the growth, experiences, and achievements waiting for us just beyond our comfort zones.

The time is NOW to make a conscious effort to remove weak words far from us. Embrace a vocabulary of empowerment and possibility. When we change our words, we change our mindset. And when we change our mindset, the world of opportunities opens up before us.

Here’s to reframing our word choices and to endless future possibilities. 

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