Becoming a Better Friend

Nov 14, 2023

Have you ever thought about your effectiveness as a friend to others? Are you a good friend? Are you satisfied with your performance as a friend to others?

Unfortunately, I haven’t always been an amazing friend, and although I still see areas I can certainly improve, I have grown a lot in this area and desire to continue to improve.

To be a better friend, here are three key points we can focus on. 

Be an encourager, show appreciation, and be reliable.

1. Be an Encourager: A great friend is someone who uplifts and encourages. We can offer support and positivity, especially during challenging times. Be intentional to celebrate their successes and be their cheerleader. When they're facing difficulties, remind them of their strengths and past achievements. Keep in mind that encouragement doesn't always need to be about big gestures; often, just being there and offering kind words or a listening ear can be incredibly uplifting.

2. Showing Appreciation: Feeling appreciated is fundamental in any friendship. Express gratitude for their presence in your life. Acknowledge their support, celebrate their accomplishments, and be there for their important moments. Even simple acts, like sending a thoughtful message or giving a small gift, can show that you value and respect them. When is the last time you received a text, message or note from a friend sharing something they appreciate about you? Be that friend for others.

3. Be Reliable: Reliability builds trust, an essential component of friendship. We should be someone our friend can depend on. Keep your promises, be there in difficult times, and be consistent in your actions. This means being honest about what you can do and following through on your commitments. 

Being a better friend involves being a source of encouragement, showing appreciation, and demonstrating reliability others can count on. These qualities not only strengthen existing friendships but also help build new ones. 

Now let’s be intentional about being a great friend for the important people in our lives - be known as an encourager who shows appreciation and is very reliable.